Cox Bundles

TV + Internet + Phone
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for 12 months
  • Over 220 channels
  • 50 Mbps download speeds
  • 2 popular calling features
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Cox Digital Cable

Advanced TV
Starting at


for 3 months
  • Over 220 channels
  • FREE HD channels
  • Local channels available
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Cox High-Speed Internet

Essential Data
Starting at


for 12 months
  • 5Mbps download speeds
  • 1 Mbps upload speeds
  • 1 GB of cloud storage
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Cox Phone

Telephone Essential + Internet Essential
Starting at


when bundled
  • 2 popular calling features: Caller ID and Call Waiting
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Customer Testimonials

“I liked that I could order my internet and cable at the same time. I got a really good deal ordering here.”

Heather - Gilbert, Arizona

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