ConnectToCox: Cox Cable TV, Internet and Phone Bundles

Order a Cox Package and Save

Bronze Bundle

220+ Channels

Starting at



for 12 months

Silver Bundle

280+ Channels

Starting at



for 12 months

Gold Bundle

340+ Channels

Starting at



for 12 months

Why Cox

Over 380 of your favorite channels available, with more than 120 of those in HD

FREE professional installation and FREE HD receiver rental

Up to 300 Mbps internet download speeds

Free, unlimited international calling to Mexico and Canada

Cox Bronze Bundle

Enjoy 220+ channels, fast internet speeds and unlimited calling to over 30 countries and more with the Cox Bronze bundle for just $89.99/month for 12 months. Plus, there’s no risk because you won’t be tied down to a contract. And if you aren’t satisfied with your service, Cox offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cox Silver Bundle

The Cox Silver Bundle delivers all of the features of the Bronze bundle, like FREE professional installation and a free HD receiver rental, but you also get faster internet speeds and more channels. With the Silver bundle, you’ll get 220+ channels including premium channels like HBO, Cinemax and SHOWTIME. You’ll also get up to 300 Mbps internet download speeds, which means you’ll be able to download a 2-hour movie in just 1 minute. You’ll also get unlimited local and long distance calling to the US, Canada and Mexico as well as 13 premium calling features.

Cox Gold Bundle

With the Cox Gold Bundle, enjoy even more premium channels and faster internet speeds than the Bronze and Silver bundle. With the Gold bundle you’ll get free professional installation and a free HD receiver rental, up to 300 Mbps internet download speeds and even more premium channels like STARZ and EPIX. 

Introducing Panoramic WiFi

The new Panoramic WiFi service and modems are designed to make sure your Cox Internet service reaches every inch of your home and the speeds are consistent throughout.

No Dead Zones

Cox Panoramic WiFi Modems and Extenders ensure that your devices have internet coverage even in hard-to-reach places.

Wall-to-Wall Speed

Not only does Panoramic WiFi ensure internet coverage in all areas of your home, it ensures FAST internet speeds throughout your home. Even when everyone in your home is on their devices at the same time, you can still download, steam and play games with no issues.

Professional Installation

Cox technicians will come to your home to inspect your home’s construction and professionally install Panoramic modems if needed to ensure your WiFi coverage is consistent throughout your home.

Controlled WiFi

The My Connection app from Cox puts internet network management in your hands so you can view WiFi signal and strength, see how many devices are connected and reboot your modem if necessary.